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  • Most traffic citations can be reduced or dismissed. A driver that is convicted for a moving violation will receive points on their license and increased insurance premiums. Our goal is to handle your citation so that you will not get

  • Recently, a UNCW student was arrested and charged with a felony after being pulled over on campus with a gun in his vehicle. The news story did not say whether the student was on campus for a class or school

  • “I blew a .12 but I felt fine to drive.” Or, “I drank two glasses of wine and I felt really drunk.” Both statements are examples of the difference between Blood Alcohol Concentration (B.A.C.) and perceived impairment. When discussing

  • A common refrain I hear from clients is how they got arrested for trespassing after they had paid to enter a club or bar. Many people believe that once they have paid to enter a private establishment, they can leave