What to Expect During a Criminal Trial

Navigating the landscape of a criminal trial can be daunting. To aid in understanding, Gross Law Group breaks down the essential phases and what they entail. Pre-Trial Jury Selection: A process where attorneys from both sides choose jurors. They ensure an unbiased jury that can objectively evaluate the evidence. Opening Statements: Initial remarks by both parties. The prosecution and defense outline their respective positions and provide a roadmap of their case. Presentation of Evidence Prosecution’s Turn: The state presents its evidence, arguing the accused's guilt. This may include physical evidence, [...]

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What To Do If a Loved One Is Accused of a Criminal Offense

Discovering that someone you care about has been accused or charged with a criminal offense can be an overwhelming and emotionally-charged experience. While you may be tempted to react impulsively, it's crucial to approach the situation in a calm and organized manner. Here at Gross Law Group, we've outlined some key steps you can take to support your loved one through this difficult period. Step 1: Seek Legal Assistance Immediately If a loved one is accused or charged, the first thing you should do is find a qualified criminal defense [...]

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Your First Court Appearance: What to Expect

Your first appearance in court, also known as an arraignment or initial appearance, is a crucial step in the legal process if you've been charged with a crime. It typically takes place shortly after your arrest, and its main purpose is to inform you of the charges against you, your rights, and to address other important procedural matters. Here's what you can generally expect during your first court appearance: Charge Explanation: The judge will read out the charges filed against you by the prosecution. It is essential to listen carefully [...]

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